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Public Art "Dawn's Early Light" was installed in Hollister Lobby in February 2022

Commissioned by Community Foundation for San Benito County, this fused glass art sculpture was installed in the lobby of their new building in downtown Hollister, CA. Aptly named The Epicenter Building, it houses the Foundation and several other non profits. The Epicenter Building is located at 440 San Benito St. which is prominently in downtown Hollister, CA. Six months in designing and producing, this was a long awaited exhibit, and now hangs permanently in the beautifully designed lobby, with its gorgeous lighting, and elegant stairway...

"Dawn’s Early Light" 8'x3' Fused Glass Sculpture

Where there is a strong community, there is social connection and a sense of belonging. This fosters hope and creates opportunity, benefiting the individual and the community alike. I’ve always felt the beginning of a new day beautifully captures this ideal. As the light begins to illuminate the horizon and the day unfolds, full of new potential and endless possibilities, let yourself find inspiration…

The Epicenter Building

440 San Benito St.

Downtown Hollister, CA

New Construction


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