Artist Statement

I am a glass artist living in Santa Cruz, California, and I draw my inspiration from the shapes and colors of nature in all its infinite mystery and beauty. When I discovered glass, its spectrum of color, visual texture, and the aspect of light and transparency, it was ultimately its transformation in the kiln which convinced me that there was something here I needed to pursue. My B.F.A. in Ceramics, and the subsequent thirty years making pottery and sculpture, laid a solid foundation for my current explorations in glass.


The “Stardust” series, is the result of my deepening understanding of the materials, as I seek solutions for expressing my concepts and ideas. These glass discs are abstractly evocative of deep sea creatures and blooming flowers, but remain inspired by Physics— black holes, supernovas, dark matter and gravitational pull. I am interested in the underlying symmetry between these two forces—the inference of the smallest sub atomic particle, and the unimaginable vast and sheer scale of cosmological events. Our life on earth, hangs in the balance of a greater understanding of how the universe works. What I’ve come away understanding is that we are all made of the same stuff. Stardust.

In my most recent Public Art commission entitled "Dawn's Early Light", my intention was to bring a sense of belonging to the space it was to hang in. The piece for the Community Foundation for San Benito County, was inspired by the organizations' key purpose, the idea that there is always hope, as there is always the potential of a new day.

I use compatible glass designed specifically for fusing. I use many pre made elements in my compositions which are often created using shards of colored glass and fired in a kiln to a temperature of 1490 ° F. This fuses (melts) all the pieces together to make one solid panel. Multiple firings and layering create depth and visual texture. I often use dichroic, a rainbow colored specialty glass as well as foil inclusions. I make use of frits (ground glass) and hand-pulled strings of glass, as well as transparent and opaque specialty glasses all in a spectrum of colors. I design and fabricate the aluminum channel frames by hand, using stainless steel cable and hardware. Wrought iron stands display the upright free-standing pieces, and the wooden stands are handmade and finished, and are made of mahogany and walnut.