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Sunshine Daydream 

Sunflower Sculpture for Private Home

Installation March 27, 2024

This 53" diameter fused glass sculpture was commissioned by the resident of a home that overlooks the community gardens on Trescony St. in Santa Cruz, CA. Installed just in time for spring, this colorful whimsical sun will shine over the many sunflowers that grow in this garden in the summer. 

"Looking Up: Elemental Forces in Glass

At Big Basin Vineyards Tasting Room and Wine Bar

525 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 

Randie's piece features over 20 glass discs that hang suspended from the ceiling in an array of colors and shapes and sizes. Some seem to glow from the inside, as a pulse moves the light around the circumference of some of them, while others are illuminated from within. This whimsical display of glass evokes both the cosmos as well as underwater coral and creatures. It's hard not to want to lay on your back underneath them, but then, how would one drink one's wine? Jack's lively and colorful abstract paintings are the perfect pairing. Explore the explosion of color and line! Installed in Big Basin Vineyard's Tasting Room and Wine Bar, there is no reason to go anywhere as long as your glass is full.

"Dawn's Early Light " 
8'x3' Fused Glass Sculpture


Commissioned by Community Foundation for San Benito County, this fused glass art sculpture was installed in the lobby of their new building in downtown Hollister, CA. A


Aptly named The Epicenter Building, it houses the Foundation and several other non profits. The Epicenter Building is located at 440 San Benito St. which is prominently in downtown Hollister, CA.


Six months in designing and producing, this was a long awaited exhibit, and now hangs permanently in the beautifully designed lobby.


Artists Statement

Where there is a strong community, there is social connection and a sense of belonging. This fosters hope and creates opportunity, benefiting the individual and the community alike.


I’ve always felt the beginning of a new day beautifully captures this ideal. As the light begins to illuminate the horizon and the day unfolds, full of new potential and endless possibilities, let yourself find inspiration…


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"We Are Stardust "

This installation is based on an exciting project designed by the UCSC Physics department, bringing artists and physicists together in a collaboration. While collaborating with PhD Astrophysics  student Alex McDaniel, I discovered new ways of working with glass! I can't tell you all of my secrets, but trust me when I tell you that there is much more to come! Working within a specific space inspired me, and in fact now I look at spaces very differently! These discs are modular units, which fit together in an installation that reflects the space it's in. Enjoy. Read about the project, and the science behind it!

Oswald Restaurant


"We are Stardust" was an ongoing installation at Oswald Restaurant, corner of Front St. and Soquel Ave. in Downtown Santa Cruz.

oswald window_edited_edited.jpg

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Disc Clusters

These lively discs and bowls hang on the wall using a very elegant bracket solution. Easy to install. These wall sculptures are designed to hang one or many in a cluster, in a variety of lengths off the wall. I offer a few different cluster designs. Mix and match. The discs come in 4 sizes. 20", 14", 12" and 8". The wall bowls come in 3 sizes, 20" 10" and 8". Color combos are endless but for now, I offer 9 color stories. 

It's Raining Cats and Dogs​

This installation sculpture, was created to be interactive with the viewer. The QR code on the piece, essentially plays sounds of a thunder storm, and the LED lights, controlled with a mini computer, is stimulated by sound, and instructs the lights to turn on and respond to the thunder in a pattern set up by program. This makes it respond to voices as well. This sound activated glass piece, was strung with many many strands of cat and dog beads, as well as clear "waterdrop" beads. The sculpture was created to remind us that while the piece is humorus, the drought we are in is serious and worth paying some attention to.  


Mosaic Installation

Big Basin Vineyards Wine Tasting Room

525 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA

These two fire-pit tables were created on-site at the tasting room. Designed to bring some ocean themes to this incredible winery which is located in the Santa Cruz mountains. I designed these wave themed tables with built in coasters made just for a wine glass! I made these from scrap glass from my fused glass projects, and had some wonderful friends who helped me cut what was needed to create them! Come down and enjoy a glass with a cozy fire.


Sink Backsplash

Several years ago I tried my hand at making tiles for a backsplash for my studio sink. I've designed them for around a kids bathroom tub, and they have many applications. Durable and easy for tile installer to install. Please inquire to commission a tile project. 

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