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​I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics, from SUNY College at New Paltz, New York in 1985 and a Certificate of Proficiency, in Digital Media from Cabrillo Community College in 2000 located in Aptos, CA.


After graduation from art school in upstate New York, I found a home in Seattle, Washington, and apprenticed with many local ceramic artists. Learning by doing, I was exposed to all aspects of running a small craft business including production, marketing and development of new work. My first art studio was opened in 1987 and created many opportunities including selling at Bellevue Craft Fair, and Seattle Center’s Northwest Craft Center. 


My work reflected a serious and contemplative side. The pots were large and sculptural. Eventually I abandoned concern for form and starting underglaze painting on the pots, my style evolving in a more colorful, light, whimsical expression. After relocating to the central coast of California, I worked for Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge, a paint-your-own ceramics store in Santa Cruz, and managed their production warehouse. 


I returned to school at Cabrillo College in 1998 to study web and graphic design, where I later taught for a few semesters. In the winter of 2001, I formed Luckydog Arts & Design,  designing websites for the next 20 years. 


I also continued to work in ceramics until I was introduced to fused glass while living in Colorado in 2009. When I returned to California in 2011, I retired the ceramics kiln, trading it in for a glass kiln, and turned our home’s garage into a working glass studio. I now participate in Santa Cruz’s Open Studio’s Art Tour every year. My work can be found on my website and purchased through Etsy and social media. 


Since 2019 and more recently, I have had the opportunity to create several public art commissions and installations. I am finding my voice and passion in glass which has inspired these new directions. I am currently being mentored by glass artist Maestro Narcissus Quagliata, along with a small group of colleagues working in glass from around the world. Most days I feel this is only the beginning of this exploration.


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