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  • randiesilverstein

New Work! "A New Season" Series Inspires and Delights @Open Studios 2022.

One never wants to turn their back upon the muse, never knowing when she'll show back up again-- So i did what anyone in my position would do... I turned and faced her.

Standing before me was a path i hadn't seen before. Glass has always spoken to me but not quite like this. I knew I had been seduced finally and completely by this fascinating medium when the kiln started giving me more information than I could process. I knew i had to just put my head down and work really hard.

And so I did. And am so pleased with the results. These glass leaves have stolen my heart, and I envision a room full of them in all phases of life and decay,. I envision them on the floor, the walls and hanging from the ceiling. These three sets of 2 leaves hang on the wall using my usual stand off system. Easy to install, and perfectly earthquake proof-- make a nice statement. The tender leaf sitting on the table won't be alone for long. Stop back here to see where I go with this...


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