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  • randiesilverstein

Fusion of Art and Science at Blitzer Gallery

Well, the Fusion show is over, and it was very hard to take down my installation! Now "We are Stardust" lives in two boxes under my table. It was a very good month. We had around 65 friends, family and colleagues visit during the opening reception, and then every weekend after, came the flood of out of town guests. I'm so very thankful for all the people who helped me install, develop and create this piece. It was my first time actually doing anything of this magnitude, and engineering, and i feel it went extraordinarily well. Onward to keep developing this body of work! I just applied to Open Studios in Santa Cruz, CA, and I've been poking around trying to find some other shows to apply to, as well as look for potential grants to help me get this new work some exposure. Thanks to The Good Times, local event guide, and The Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper, both releasing articles and photos of my space discs. It has been an exciting month. Keep coming back here to see new work posted, or visit my Facebook and Instagram pages @luckydogarts

Alex McDaniel PHD astrophysicist and I creating a piece for the show.

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