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LAST FEW WEEKS to see my lightshow installation Elemental Forces@OSWALD Restaurant...

121 Soquel Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca (downtown corner of Front and Soquel)

My new series, consisting of new lighted discs, called "Elemental Forces" will only be at the restaurant for two more weeks! Come down and have some dinner or just some drinks and enjoy the show.

Open Wednesday-Saturday at noon for Lunch and Dinner. Be sure to ask where it's traveling to next.... TBA

Artist Statemet

Elemental Forces: A Journey in Glass

Self Emanating Disc-O Lights at Oswald Restaurant
Self Emanating Disc-O Lights at Oswald Restaurant

I am humbled by the process of creating. It gives me a sense of purpose in a world beset by pain and suffering. I take great joy in sharing my process and my art. In the years since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been overcome by an urgency to get my ideas and visions out of the dream state and into reality —before I no longer can. My muse, awakened after a long sleep, made demands at all hours of day and night, conveniently or entirely inconveniently.

Finding my path on this journey called life is both profound and mundane. That which calls us to do something greater than ourselves is frightening and often seems unachievable. Yet, the house needs to be cleaned, the dog needs to be fed, and emails need answering. Finding balance has been difficult. Many of my ideas can’t be created without collaboration with other artisans, and coming to terms with this has allowed me to experiment more freely.

This show is the result of my last 3 years of exploration and of discovery; of light and glass; of solitude and collaboration. I’ve reached the boundaries of my knowledge, yet these challenges have been of my own making. As I continue to learn and explore, I expect this will continue. Discovering how and where to ask for help continues to stretch me— but at this juncture there seems no end to it and I have such gratitude for the assistance I have received.

The inspiration for my ideas come from nature and the world around me. From the enormity and great unknown cosmic forces— stars, galaxies and black holes, to the warmth of the sun, the flowers in the fields—and even a spring storm all contribute to my ideas in glass.

I work entirely with fusible glass, fired in a kiln in my home studio. The Disc-o lights hang from stainless steel cable and are outfitted with LED lighting, using a collar attaching them to the center of the disc.

I want to thank Jordan Layman and Idea Fab Lab Santa Cruz™ for tirelessly indulging my ideas for most of the last year, Chris Pearson for his professionalism in hanging the show, Jay Novick who introduced me to the world of LED’s, my husband Steve, my confidant, advisor and sherpa, and my studio assistant Delilah. I could not have done any of this work without them. A special thanks to Janet Silverglate and Oswald Restaurant for giving me the opportunity to showcase this new work.


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