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  • randiesilverstein

Fun with Mosaic @Big Basin Vineyard Wine Tasting Room!

Have a glass of incredible wine and enjoy some of my newest artwork at Big Basin Vineyard's Wine Tasting Room

@ 525 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA. This artwork was installed during business hours, and was a fun project to watch unfold. I used my scrap glass to create an ocean theme for two fire-pit tables at the shop downtown, which took the better part of two weeks and some help of some very generous friends! While we worked we of course sipped some wines, which are available to sample every day but Tuesdays, from 4pm-9pm and open at noon on weekends. My favorites are the Syrah's -- a specialty of winemaker Bradley Brown. But don't be fooled---Their Rosé is to die for, as are their whites.

I'm not that experiences in mosaic, and called on a few trusted artist friends for advice. But it was such a fun project and lends so much color to a very simple palette. Hope to see you there one afternoon!


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