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  • randiesilverstein

Glass Reimagined

Thank you Stephanie, I have been so busy exploring and discovering, that I have neglected to write, which I have so enjoyed! So thank you for your subtle reminder to share. And share I will. I could have no idea, the day the “Dear Artist” email came across my desk, inviting artists to participate in this project, that it would result in an enormous breakthrough in my work, represent my first real attempt in the 10 years I’ve been doing glass art to truly explore the material further and to conceive of and manipulate it in ways I hadn’t before. To take risks, to find new processes and to conceive of a bigger, more profound meaning to the work and it’s exhibition. I have never had the opportunity to create an installation. I am launching into unknown territory. Maybe perhaps like our physicist counterparts looking towards the sky, finding ways to perceive what we are looking at through the lens of the telescope.

Many meetings and conversations with my young astrophysicist Alex over my glass table, over his computer, resulted in him showing me some images of light he is using to uncover the mysteries of Dark Matter in the Universe.


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