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Literally held in suspense...

With most of my artwork finished for the exhibit, I am starting to lay out the plans for installation. Since the entire piece will be hung from the ceiling of the gallery, I need to work out the logistics before the work is delivered for installation. Nervous and excited all at once! While laboring long hours on creating my 20” glass discs, I had plenty of time to ruminate on the science of dark matter, particle physics and the search for how the universe works. Filling the airwaves of the studio with episodes of the radio show “Star Talk”, and remembering my many meetings and conversations with my collaborator Alex, makes me feel more in touch with how to consider the enormity of the universe. This is pretty heady stuff and creates quite a distraction from everyday chopping wood and carrying water—that’s for sure…

Becoming comfortable in conversing about particles and cosmology, I find myself really groking the concept that we are made— of stardust. Every atom, molecule of our beings came from the elements from when the universe was formed! It’s hard to not conclude that we are all more alike than different.

In a political climate that is divided, rigid and opposed (not to mention the general lack of “belief” in science) it would be infinitely helpful if more people understood that we are all made of the same stuff! If we as a species could truly understand that we are all made of stardust, perhaps we could all get along. There would be no more wars, we could share resources fairly, and people could live in peace with each other on this blue planet.

I recently heard an interview on “StarTalk” where they were discussing the similarity between art and science! Of course it caught my interest right away! The discussion was around the idea that both artist and scientist seek truth. The portrait painter, can express the literal or abstract version of the truth, but still seeks it. The scientist conducts experiments that rule out unfounded beliefs and previous theories. All in the quest for the truth.

The phone rings. My thoughts are launched back through the time-space continuum. Back from dreaming of utopia, where peace and knowledge are important and valued by the citizens of the earth. Back from the philosophical rumination of the artist in the “zone”! Time to get my head out of the clouds, and get some work done! I am very much looking forward to seeing all the art that was created for this exhibit!

Enjoy some process shots!

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