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Glass artist Randie Silverstein creates one-of-a-kind pieces of glass art, that are as unique as the individual who purchases them. She's passionate about creating pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful. All of her designs are handmade and use light to create ambiance and conversation. 

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Why Glass?

It Was An Unexpected Discovery

Working with glass was quite an unexpected discovery on my artist journey. The variety of pure color with its shades and hues, its visual textures, and ultimately its transformation in the kiln drew me in and I fell in love with its translucent properties. I continue to explore translucency and all the ways glass interacts with light.


Glass Talks To Me

Glass talks to me in ways I could not have imagined. I see landscape, sky and sea, and have even peered into the cosmos. I'm increasingly interested in the horizon line, where the earth meets the sky, the sun emerges and sets, & the comforts of earth become the vastness of the unknown.


There's A Sense Of Mystery

There is a sense of mystery to the process of fusing glass that I joyfully embrace. I can set up the glass to be fired hoping I have some control of it, but ultimately it’s always up to nature— heat and time— that determines the outcome. I absolutely love this material. I will submit to its whims again and again. I hope you enjoy my work and it brings you joy.

I am Randie Silverstein of Santa Cruz, CA, and I'll work with you to design an installation for your space, be it an office, public building or private home. 

For information on specific pieces- please e mail or call the studio. 

Studio visits available by appointment.

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